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March 2016

Coconut blintzes with mascarpone-ricotta stuffing and blackcurrant sauce 🍭🌱

Blintzes are one of the types of bliny. Blintze is a thin usually wheat-flour pancake – similar to French crêpes – folded to form a casing (as for cheese or fruit) and then sautéed and/or baked. It is originated from early Slavic culture (pre-Christian times) and was a symbol of the sun, due to its round form. Now it takes part of the orthodox culture and brought to the American cuisine by the Jewish community. It is crispy and soft in the same time, usually made sweet and sour – perfect for a Sunday brunch.

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Bavette pasta with butter shrimps in a wine sauce 🍤

People always say: “I can cook pasta – that’s all my cooking talent”. And then they throw everything in the sauce to make an over-complicated dish – this way the sauce has a chaotic flavor. The key of a perfect pasta is balance and simplicity, but with one or two key ingredients. In today’s pasta dish my heroes are the shrimp and the dry white wine.

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Korean spicy beef soup with wild garlic 🐮

We all like Asian food, especially the ones which are rich in flavor and have a balance between acidity and spiciness. This soup is great to eat it hot and also cold, it can stay in your refrigerator up to 5 days. All you need is some patience, as the beef needs some to become tender.

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Peanut butter curry chicken stew 🐔

We all love tasty comfort food. But comfort not always meets out health needs. This colorful Asian inspired silky stew is reach in nutrition. It is cooked slowly and filled with lots of flavors. The earthiness of the peanut butter is perfectly balanced with the vibrancy of the curry. It is a perfect choice for a spring lunch or for a family dinner.

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Cinnamon scotch pancakes with caramelized bananas topped with homemade frozen yogurt 🍭 🍨 🌱

As the weather outside is getting warmer, our body is craving for some fresh flavors, but in the same time we all love comfort food. I created you a colorful breakfast which can also be served as dessert. This savory dish is hot and cold and sweet and sour in the same time: just a great way to boost your mood for a new day.

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Sautéed spring vegetables with chicken braised in mushroom soy sauce 🐔

The spring is here and the markets are full with fresh green vegetables. For the celebration of the green and red vegetables I prepared for you a tasty and nutritious side dish which goes well with chicken, beef or lamb. I chose chicken, as i love to combine the earthiness of the mushrooms soy sauce with the tenderness of the chicken breast.

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Mussels with tomatoes in a wine & cider broth 🐟

Tired of bruschetta or regular tapas for starters? Or you say: I cannot cook fish or shellfish myself? Then just take a look at this easy and delicious appetizer. Mussels are very easy and quick to cook. They are rich in protein and they are an excellent source of: selenium and  vitamin B12. This Mediterranean inspired dish contains just a handful of ingredients and it will make your mouth water and crave for more.

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Guacamole bites with sunny side up eggs 🌱

It is always nice to change a regular breakfast menu. As the plain scrambled egg, cereals or fruits can become boring. A good start of the day can also contain a fresh avocado dish which is rich in several B vitamins and vitamin K, with good content of vitamin C, vitamin E and potassium. This simple vegetarian dish is rich in flavor, very cheap and easy to prepare.

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Citrusy salmon steak with curry quinoa and millet salad 🐟

Ten-twenty years ago nobody really heard about quinoa. Especially in Europe. As in 2016 it fought out it’s place in the modern cuisine. It takes an important part in vegan diet as it is high in protein and contain essential amino acids like lysine and acceptable quantities of calcium, phosphorus and iron. As far as most of the people know, the millet is only served to birds and to make beverages – we wouldn’t think that it can add a great flavor or nutritional value to our dish. But if that’s the case the quinoa and millet mixture is a perfect combination for a great garnish next to a salmon steak.

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Prosciutto croissants with soft smoked cheese rolls

What a great way to start the day with this delicious breakfast. You can always do this when you still have some leftover prosciutto, cheese and tomatoes. The only thing you need to buy is fresh butter croissants from your closest bakery.

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