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Creamy pork stew in a mustard cider sauce with quinoa and zucchini noodles 🐷

A creamy pork stew is always comforting. In a cold winter day or at a hot summer brunch – reminds us of home and coziness. Today I’ve chosen a great flavoring for the stew: the mustard, cider and horseradish will aromatize our dish along with the dried herbs. Continue reading “Creamy pork stew in a mustard cider sauce with quinoa and zucchini noodles 🐷”


Peanut butter curry chicken stew 🐔

We all love tasty comfort food. But comfort not always meets out health needs. This colorful Asian inspired silky stew is reach in nutrition. It is cooked slowly and filled with lots of flavors. The earthiness of the peanut butter is perfectly balanced with the vibrancy of the curry. It is a perfect choice for a spring lunch or for a family dinner.

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Mussels with tomatoes in a wine & cider broth 🐟

Tired of bruschetta or regular tapas for starters? Or you say: I cannot cook fish or shellfish myself? Then just take a look at this easy and delicious appetizer. Mussels are very easy and quick to cook. They are rich in protein and they are an excellent source of: selenium and  vitamin B12. This Mediterranean inspired dish contains just a handful of ingredients and it will make your mouth water and crave for more.

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